Altrecom Limited
Our history
Step by step contributing in our continous growth and development
Altrecom History
Altrecom Limited commenced its operations in financing shortly following its establishment in Cyprus on the 23rd of February 2001 under registration number HE 118464 having itsregistered office in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Following the expansion of its operations and in support of significant growth, in 2008 Altrecom set up new larger trading offices in Nicosia In, which the company maintains until current date. Alongside its growth, Altrecom Limited gradually began investing in in-house personnel who could envision, and its own strategy and outline its place in the market concentrating on activities in the field of financing and investments.

In 2014, the Company utilized an increase in share capital to implement a major restructuring adjusting to new trends and developments. Part of the capital restructuring involved the acquisition of the Company by Lostmperi Holdings Limited of Cyprus.

In 2015 additional funds were injected to the Company's share capital which reached EUR 12.700.000,00 increasing the Company's capabilities to utilize own funds for its financing activities.

Recently in 2017, the capital was increased by an additional EUR 200.000.000,00 further enhancing the Company's role as a major financer of the projects under engagement, and encourage further diversification of investments and financial activities.